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Our processing, extraction, filtration and characterization laboratory have complied with all BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, has been established in compliance with all BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in accordance with European Pharmacopedia standards.

Ph.Eur2.2.32. Ph.Eur2.8.18. Ph.Eur2.6.12. Ph.Eur2.6.31. Ph.Eur2.8.2. Ph.Eur2.8.13. Ph.Eur2.8.13-1. Ph.Eur2.8.20. Ph.Eur2.4.27.

Our scientific commitment begins by investigating reproduction, using traditional and molecular techniques to develop and register the best cannabis crops with registered own seeds until producing SPECTRAMED FULL SPECTRUM EXTRACT OF CBD (100%)

Our products

Our extracts of medicinal grade oils and related products provide reliable and standardized relief, and wellness formulas for patients who need them.